Monthly Archives: February 2015


Welcome to the North West Thames Rotation Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery website. We hope that this website will act as the main portal for our rotation with respect to any information regarding the rotation and teaching, with the aim of providing you with educational material and deliver a forum for discussion between trainees, trainers and hopefully NW Thames Alumni. This website is based on an initiative by Khaled Sarraf, and has been implemented and set up by Rafik Fanous and Quen Tang with support from Mr Chim Gupte.


There is a significant amount of useful information and links on the site covering our core curriculum and FRCS revision material. We hope this site will allow us to stay in touch and up to date with what is going on in our region. The latest posts and updates can be found in the Recent Posts box to the right of this message.


In order to use this site you must be granted access. The content is for North West Thames Orthopaedic trainees/trainers only. If you believe you are eligible and have yet to be given access then please contact the web masters directly.


Please bear in mind that the site is still under construction, and there may be further modifications needed. Please flag up any issues or comments to us via the contact us page and we will do our best to address or fix any website issues. On the same note, if you have any educational material that you would like to share please send it through, and we will upload it subject to no copyright infringement concerns.


Good luck and enjoy our NW Thames rotation website!